International Retrofit Conference 2025


The International Retrofit Conference (IRC’25), is aimed at bringing together experts, professionals, researchers, and industry stakeholders from around the world on domestic, non-domestic, social housing, and district/neighbourhood retrofit. The conference will serve as a collaborative platform to address the pressing challenges and opportunities in retrofitting existing structures for enhanced sustainability and energy efficiency.

By fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing, the conference seeks to accelerate the adoption of sustainable retrofitting practices globally, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and the creation of more resilient and energy-efficient built environments. In conclusion, the International Retrofit Conference will serve as a catalyst for transformative change in the way we approach existing structures, aligning them with the principles of sustainability and resilience. This conference has the potential to impact the future of retrofitting practices worldwide, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious built environment.

The conference aims to attract a diverse audience, including academics from various disciplines, architects, engineers, policymakers, environmentalists, and representatives from the construction and retrofitting industries. The conference also encourages PhD students to attend.

The International Retrofit Conference will take place from Wednesday 02 July to Friday 04 July, 2025, at the University of Salford’s New Adelphi. It will kick off with a half-day online session on the afternoon of Wednesday 02 July 2025, designed to accommodate those unable to travel to Salford. In-person attendees will enjoy a tour of the University of Salford and the Energy House Labs. The agenda is thoughtfully structured: the first two days will have an academic focus, while the last day will feature industry-centric discussions with keynote speakers. Academic presentations will span all three days, starting with online delegates on the afternoon of Wednesday 02 July 2025, and continuing with in-person delegates on Thursday 03 July and Friday 04 July 2025.


The IRC’25 will feature keynote speeches from both academics and industry leaders, along with oral presentations of academic research and poster sessions. Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Occupant – comfort, decision-making, costs/bills, design and detailing, occupant experience, usability, co-benefit: health
  • Retrofit design and delivery – application best practice, innovative materials, services, construction methods, digital, systems
  • Performance and evaluation – LCA, BPS, net zero, energy efficiency, modelling and monitoring/measuring, POE
  • Scaling up – management, skills, supply chains, procurement, business models, finances
  • Policies – national international state of art and policy gap, fuel poverty, housing crisis

Keynote Speakers

To be confirmed.


The IRC’25 will centre on discussing methods for retrofitting residential buildings to achieve net zero, with a particular emphasis on the following objectives:

  • Knowledge Exchange: Facilitate the exchange of cutting-edge research, advancements, and case studies related to retrofitting strategies, technologies, and methodologies.
  • Networking: Provide a forum for professionals, academics, policymakers, and industry leaders to connect, fostering international collaborations and partnerships.
  • Policy Advocacy: Address the importance of supportive policies and regulations to encourage widespread adoption of retrofitting practices on a global scale.
  • Technology Showcase: Feature a dedicated exhibition space for companies and organizations to showcase the latest retrofitting technologies, products, and services.
  • Capacity Building: Offer workshops and training sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of attendees in the field of retrofitting, promoting continuous learning.
  • Environmental Impact: Highlight the role of retrofitting in mitigating climate change, reducing carbon footprints, and achieving sustainability goals.

Abstract Submission

We are now accepting abstract submissions for IRC’25. You are encouraged to submit abstracts related to the main conference themes. The abstract of the paper should be about 200 words. Abstracts must clearly identify (i) what is the current state of the art, (ii) what are its deficiencies, (iii) what methods have been applied, (iv) what are the results, and (v) what is the lasting contribution of the submission.

Abstracts will be evaluated based on significance, technical merit, and novelty. All abstracts must follow this template and be submitted online via OxfordAbstracts. Guidance on how to submit an abstract can be found at this link.

Registration fees and process

The registration process begins once your paper is accepted. It is mandatory for at least one author of an accepted paper to register in order for the paper to appear in the proceedings and in the technical programme.

The registration fee covers your costs during the conference period, including conference proceeding publication fee, lunch, and coffee break. Please note that you can join the conference banquet for an additional £55.

The conference will follow a hybrid delivery model. The first day of the conference (Wednesday 02 July 2025) will be online only, and the following two days (Thursday 03 July 2025 and Friday 04 July 2025) held in-person on the University of Salford’s Peel Park campus. The early bird rate of a 15% discount applies until Thursday 15 May 2025.

AttendeeEarly Bird PriceFull Price
Online only (Wednesday 02 July 2025)£270£270
In-person one day (Thursday 03 July 2025 or Friday 04 July 2025)£175£175
Online (Wednesday 02 July 2025) and in-person (Thursday 03 July 2025 & Friday 04 July 2025)£270£320
Online (Wednesday 02 July 2025) and in-person (Thursday 03 July 2025 & Friday 04 July 2025) – student rate£100£120
Conference Dinner (Thursday 03 July 2025)£55£55
Tours of Energy House Labs (Thursday 03 July 2025 & Friday 04 July 2025)FreeFree
  • A registered author is only allowed to present a maximum two papers, including oral presentation and/or poster presentation
  • Full time students, not including post-doctoral, must provide proof of their full-time status (a copy of your valid student ID card or a letter from your affiliated Institution Head or Programme Director)
  • The accompanying person is not allowed to attend the conference. The fee only covers their lunches and coffee. Please email the conference organisers to register the accompanying person.
  • Tours of Energy House Labs are free but must be booked through the conference registration page (link available from 15 November 2024).

Important dates

TaskDeadline Date
Open for abstract submissions01 July 2024
Deadline for abstract submissions15 September 2024
Notification of abstract acceptance15 November 2024
Open for conference registration15 November 2024
Open for full paper submission15 November 2024
Deadline for full papers15 January 2025
Notification of full paper acceptance01 April 2025
Final paper submission for conference proceeding01 May 2025
Deadline for early bird registration15 May 2025
Deadline for final registration15 June 2025
Deadline to register for tours of Energy House Labs facilities15 June 2025
Conference02-04 July 2025


StartEndDay One (Thursday 03 July 2025)StartEndDay Two (Friday 04 July 2025)
08:3009:30Registration & Networking08:3009:30Registration & Networking
10:0010:30Keynote Speaker 110:0010:30Keynote Speaker 1
10:3011:00Keynote Speaker 210:3011:00Keynote Speaker 2
11:0011:30Coffee Break11:0011:30Coffee Break
11:3013:30Parallel Session 111:3012:00Keynote Speaker 3
13:3014:30Lunch12:0012:30Keynote Speaker 4
14:3015:00Keynote Speaker 312:3014:00Lunch/Exhibition
15:0015:30Keynote Speaker 414:0016:00Parallel Session 1
15:3016:00Coffee Break16:0016:30Closing
16:0017:30Parallel Session 216:3018:30Tour of Energy House Labs
17:3019:00Tour of Energy House Labs
20:0022:30Conference Dinner
Note: Programme is subject to change

The online session is taking place in the afternoon of Wednesday 02 July 2025.


Please visit the Organisers page for full details.


Manchester and Salford has lots of accommodation options, including but not prohibited to:

University of Salford area

MediaCityUK/Salford Quays area

Castlefield-Deansgate area

Manchester Oxford Road area

Manchester Piccadilly area


New Adelphi, University of Salford, Salford, M5 4WT.

New Adelphi is on the University’s Peel Park campus, listed as building ‘G’ on the campus map.

How to find us.

Image of the New Adelphi Building at the University of Salford
Photography – Nick Harrison

What to do in Manchester

Salford and Manchester are fantastic, friendly cities with plenty to offer, so if you have the opportunity, we highly recommend spending some additional time exploring the area. For some ideas on what to do, visit Meet in Manchester.


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